10 Best Budget Double Din Head Unit in 2021

    Are you searching for the best double din head unit at a cheap price? If yes, then we can help you. Every car stereo companies says, their Stereos is better than others, but we all know every head unit is not the best in reality.

    Selecting an excellent double din stereo under a fixed budget from the bunch of stereos in this market is quite challenging. That is why we have created this article for you to give you a detailed idea for selecting the best double din stereo under your budget.

    We recommend that you should not look at the stereo under 100 dollars because the quality you get from that stereo is inferior. But the products we have listed here are inexpensive, and you can expect the good quality in every aspect.

    Our Top 3 Picks

    Image Product Feature Price
    Top Pick
    71uAIU1iHaL. AC SL1500
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    7″ Android Car Stereo with GPS Navigation, Bluetooth Check On Amazon
    61d0RtrBEGL. AC SL1500
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    Eonon G2187
    10.1″ Double Din Stereo, Backup Camera, BT 4.0 Check On Amazon
    61uc5XYqK1L. AC SL1378
    • Save
    Kenwood DDX26BT
    6.2″ LCD, SiriusXM, CD/ DVD, Dual Bluetooth Check On Amazon

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    4 Things To Look Before Buying a Budget Double Din Stereo

    Hand Free Calling: This is one of the essential safety features that most stereos provide. With hands-free calling, you can do calling without even touching the stereo screen, which helps the driver avoid distraction. There are more than 2841 people killed last year on U.S roads due to doing calling while driving.

    Power: Let us consider you buy a cheap stereo, and that stereo contains the latest features, but the sound quality it produces is inferior. Then it can bring a lot of problems such as while calling you can hear the voice of person clearly, and obviously, you cannot enjoy music. That is why you should always go with a good quality stereo, and here we have provided you with a list of good quality stereo that is inexpensive so that you can buy them easily.

    Screen Size: Another factor you should consider is screen size. The screen size of the head unit mainly depends on your choice. You can find every standard screen size like pioneer stereo and some large-sized stereo like Hikity car stereo, which is cheap and easily fit in your budget as well as in your dashboard.

    Price: First of all the money matters, you must look at your budget before buying a stereo, but if you are getting a stereo having good specifications, you can increase your account. However, you have to purchase stereos only one time.

    Stereos under 300 dollars: These head units are mainly a power pack of advanced features, superior design, and quality sound. If you are going to buy that type of company that comes under this category, you can go with pioneer or Kenwood.

    Stereos under 200 dollars: If you are searching for an excellent double din, also your budget is not high, then this type of head unit is for you. It contains many advanced features such as Bluetooth calling also sound quality is also useful in them.

    Stereos under 150 dollars: These are mainly cheap stereos that do not comes with latest advance features . Also, many of these double dins that come under this category does not have many connectivity options.

    #1 Best Cheap Touchscreen Car Stereo

    ATOTO A6

    Atoto A6
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    • Large 7″ HD Display
    • 9 Band EQ
    • Dual Bluetooth connection
    • Built-in GPS Navigation
    • 4 x 45 watts Power output

    Quick Review: ATOTO A6 is an android based head unit in which a 1.5 GHz quad-core processer is given. Built-in GPS Navigation and multiple Bluetooth connection support for hand-free calling are its main feature. Boot up time is also very fast; it takes approximately two seconds to get started.

    Phone Mirroring is available in it, which can be worked with the iPhone as well as android. A pre-build radio tuner is given so that you can watch you can tune your favorite channel. The Voice command feature is also supported in it that helps to do calling while driving and sending a text message without touching the head unit’s screen. Auto A6 is one of the best-selling head units because of its number of features and reasonable price. The rom and ram depends on what model of Auto A6 you bought.

    Display: In this model, a full HD display having a screen size of 7 inches is given in it. The collection comes with a capacitive touchscreen, which is very responsible and fast. The brightness of the display is very bright, which means you will not face any problem while using it in sunlight. The text is very sharp and precise, which means you can easily read and write text messages.

    Audio: It comes with a powerful inbuilt amplifier in which you will get a power output of 45 watts and an RMS power of 25 watts with four channels for connecting the speaker. A built-in equalizer is also given in it. You can play music on Spotify and use equalizer settings such as pop, natural, flat, and more.

    • Call quality is quite impressive
    • Bluetooth supports up-to two devices at a time
    • Superior Display quality and has a Responsive touchscreen.
    • Available at a low price.
    • No gesture control sensor in this model but available in a pro version whose cost is high then this model.
    • An external microphone is not included; you need to buy extra for it.
    • No quick charging for phone.

    #2 EONON Double Din Car Stereo

    EONON GA2187

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    • Huge 10.1″ Touchscreen Display
    • Apple CarPlay, Android Auto
    • Backup Camera included
    • 30 Band Equalizer

    Quick Review: It is a budget-friendly head unit in which apple car play and GPS navigation are available, making it quite handy for daily day-to-day traveling. It works on the Android ten operating system, which is very easy to use. A quad-core processor and a 2 GB ram with 16 GB memory are provided in the stereo in which you can download multiple apps from the play store.

    Bluetooth version 4.0 is provided in which music streaming through your phone is possible. Hand Free Calling are one its safety feature while driving. An external microphone is also included in the box. A split-screen is available in which you can use two apps at a time.

    USB input and an SD card input are given so that you can play videos and music directly via inserting a pen drive.

    Display: Big 10” IPS display is provided to play videos at high definition quality. You can adjust the screen to your viewing angle. The show has an accurate color in which the picture quality you will get is of a very high standard.

    Sound: 30 Band Graphic equalizer is provided, which is quite impressive in this head unit. In this stereo, you will get a pre-built amplifier having power out of a maximum of 180 watts and four-channel.

    Detailed Specifications:

    • Brand: EONON
    • Model GA2187
    • Big 10.1 Full HD Display
    • Built-in Apple Car Play
    • MTK Quad-Core Processor
    • Wi-Fi and 4G supported
    • Backup Camera included in the box
    • Adjustable Viewing Angle
    • 30 Band Graphic Equalizer
    • USB and SD Card input
    • External microphone and GPS antenna included in the box
    • But-in Digital Sound Field Processing
    • 18 Months Warranty
    • Pros: Quick boot-up
    • Powerful sound system
    • A free backup camera provided
    • Cons: No CD/DVD player
    • No Car kit is available.
    • Some customers report that sometimes Bluetooth takes time to connect.
    • Big and easy to read display
    • Quick boot-up
    • Powerful sound system
    • A free backup camera provided
    • No CD/DVD player
    • No Car kit is available.
    • Some customers report that sometimes Bluetooth takes time to connect.

    #3 Pioneer DMH-220NEX

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    • 6.2″ WVGA Display
    • Dual Bluetooth
    • 4 x 50 watts power peak
    • iPhone, Android supported
    • Hands Free Calling

    Quick Review: It is one of the pioneer affordable head units with features like hands-free calling and music streaming via Bluetooth and USB control for iPhone users. You can directly connect your iPhone with the head unit and play music in it. Android can also join their phone with the stereo.

    You can control the stereo with your voice and can do many things such as sending messages with your agent or open apps, and more.

    The price of this pioneer head unit is meager as compared to another pioneer model. That is why it is on our list of budget stereo.

    Display: A clear resistive touch screen having a screen size of 6.2-inch WVGA display with a Led backlight is given in which you will get a five-color show, and a 112 color key combination is available. You can control the brightness control of the display.

    Audio: A built-in amplifier with the power out of 200 watts max and RMS 14 watts with a four-channel for connecting speaker is given. The 13 Band graphic equalizer is excellent according to its price. HD Radio has 24 channels in which 18 channels for FM and 6 AM channels with an RDS tuner is given.

    Detailed Specifications

    • 6.2” WVGA Touchscreen display
    • Android and iPhone supported
    • Hand-free Calling
    • HD Radio with RDS tuner
    • Model AVH 220-EX
    • MP3 input, AUX input, and USB input
    • 800 x 480 Resolution
    • Supports backup camera
    • One year warranty
    • Compatible with formats such as AAC, WMA, WAV, MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG 3, MPEG 4, JPEG, AVI, JPEG
    • Branded stereo at a lower price
    • Good design and easy to install
    • Clear and crispy sound quality
    • Supports hands-free calling
    • USB inputs at the back of the stereo, which is touch to reach.
    • Cannot customize images in the background.

    #4 Kenwood DDX26BT

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    Quick Review: Well, if you are an iPhone user, this head unit is best for you. Bluetooth connection supported up to five devices, and Sirius XM ready are some of its main features.

    This right head unit supports Apple car play/ android auto. Spotify and Pandora for music are also given in it.

    The operating system is simple and is easy to use. It can support iOS as well as android. A dual phone connection is given in which helps to shift from one phone to another. Fast charging for phones is also supported in it.

    You can watch videos through its built-in CD/DVD player. But for who want offline Navigation head unit can check these 10 best double din stereos with navigation.

    Display: Kenwood DDX26BT comes with a screen size of 6.2” LCD touch screen with LED backlight is added to it, in which you can customize the home screen and set a picture on it. The touch of this head unit is very smooth and responsive.

    Sound: It comes with a power output of 50 watts and a four-channel amplifier, and RMS power of 22 watts, which is loud enough for any car. It has 13 band equalizer, which helps you play music in Pop, Jazz, Natural and more.

    Detailed Specification

    • Model: DDx26Bt
    • 6.2 inch LCD
    • FLAC supported
    • 13 Band Equalizer
    • USB Connection
    • AV/ MP3 input
    • Android Auto and Apple Car Play 
    • iPhone/ iPod supported
    • Rapid Phone charging
    • 6 Channel output for video and audio
    • Drive Equalizer for noise reduction
    • Backup Camera input with parking guideline 
    • WMA, AAC, and WAV music files supported
    • AM and FM tuner for radio
    • 200 Watts power output with 22W RMS
    • Backup Camera input with guidelines
    • Supports up to five devices at a time
    • The Sound System of this stereo is mighty.
    • Impressive DVD video quality
    • Boot-up time is a little slow
    • The USB slot is at the back, which is tough to reach

    #5 Pioneer MVH 300 EX

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    Quick Review: Another pioneer model that will offer many features is a little higher than the other model. Bluetooth calling is one of the safety features in it.

    You can directly stream music and play the video with high quality in the head unit now from the phone, whether you have an iPhone or Android.

    A detachable faceplate is given for security purposes, which is very helpful. It can support multi-languages such as English, French, Spanish, and many more. You can also check best single din navigation head unit in which you will get a Built-in Navigation system and can be fit easily in any dashboard.

    Display: With MVH 300ex, you get a large screen of 7 inches with multi-color illumination, which fits in a double din dashboard. Five display colors and 112 key color combinations are given to use the color you like the most. Brightness control is provided for changing the brightness level.

    Audio: 13 Band graphic equalizer and a pre-built amplifier having a power output of 200 watts are given, which is quite loud. You can connect your iPhone with it and play music on it. Radio is also available.

    Detailed Specifications

    • Large 7” Display
    • Hands-free calling via Bluetooth
    • 50W x 4 Channel amp
    • 13 Band EQ
    • Resolution of 800 x 480
    • Direct USB control for iPhone
    • Aux and USB input available
    • LED Backlight
    • Hand Free Profile
    • Wired Remote input available
    • RDS tuner with 18 FM and 6 AM
    • Bluetooth for audio streaming
    • 12 Months warrant
    • Supports Multi-Language
    • Multiple formats supported such as MP3, AAC, WMA
    • MPEG 1- 3, MPEG 4, JPEG, WAV
    • Big 7” resistive touch screen with LED Backlight
    • Detachable Face Plate for security purpose
    • Compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPod
    • No HD radio given only standard radio available
    • Android Auto is not given
    • No-CD/DVD player

    #6 Sound stream VR-623B

     Sound stream VR-623B
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    Quick Review: The sound stream stereo is best known for audio quality and Bluetooth, in which hands-free calling and music streaming is possible.

    Proper stream head unit can be compatible with various music apps such as Spotify and Pandora.

    You can use steering wheel control with it, but you need to buy extra. USB and an aux input, mute button, and volume knob are given at the screen’s left side.

    There are many other features available in sound stream stereo; the price is also meager and has a strong built quality that makes the sound stream very affordable in terms of price and quality.

    Display: In the sound stream head unit, you will get a standard high resolution with a screen size of 6.2 inches, which is quite suitable for any car. A LED backlight with RGB color buttons is provided in it.

    Audio: This unit is specially designed for sound quality in which you will get a pre-built amplifier having a power output of 300 watts is given, which very impressive. Custom preset Equalizer is also available in it.

    Detailed Specification

    • Bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming
    • Spotify, Pandora, and many other apps supported
    • Supports USB input up to 64 GB
    • SD card reader input
    • CD/DVD media playback
    • 3.5mm Aux input
    • LED Backlight
    • Preset Equalizer settings
    • Steering Wheel control information for music control
    • MP3 and MP4 formats
    • DVDR/RW
    • AM/FM tuner
    • Satellite Radio available
    • Backup camera input
    • Good built quality in low price
    • Ideal screen size with Led Backlight
    • Backup connection available
    • Spotify and Pandora supported
    • No GPS navigation
    • Some customer reports that the brightness is low

    #7 Boss Audio Systems BV9364B

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    Key features: The boss head unit is a trendy and quality head unit in terms of sound and display quality.

    GPS Navigation and Bluetooth for music streaming and hands-free calling are its main features.

    However, the same model is available whose price is meager, but that model does not have a GPS navigation system; also, that was a great stereo.

    A wireless remote is also given with this head unit. Steering Wheel control input is provided for controlling music without putting your hands off the steering wheel. USB charging is also possible with both models.

    We will recommend you buy the higher version of this model because that stereo will provide high-quality audio and GPS Navigation, which is the need of every car user and that the lower version does not offer.

    Display: With the boss head unit, you get a 6.2” LCD touchscreen with a CD/DVD player. You can watch videos of high quality. On the left side of the screen volume, an up-down button and a mute button are given, which efficiently controls the audio system.

    Audio: Boss stereos are well known for their sound quality. A pre-built amplifier is available in which power output of 320 watts maximum, which is very impressive. Like the sound you will get is very loud and clear also a preset equalizer is available.

    Detailed specifications:

    • Model BV9386NV
    • 6.2 inch LCD touch screen
    • Hand-free calling and music streaming due to Bluetooth
    • CD/DVD Player
    • Pre AMP Output
    • Equalizer available that contains balance, fader,
    • Remote Control available in the box
    • AUX an AV input
    • FM/AM with RBDS tuner
    • USB Charging
    • Micro SD Card input
    • 10 Band equalizer
    • 80 watts x 4 channel amp
    • Backup Camera connection
    • GPS Navigation available
    • Built-in microphone
    • 3-year warranty provided
    • Installation is simple and easy
    • Very Loud and crispy sound quality
    • Numerous feature added to the stereo
    • Screen stocks in freezing weather
    • Some customers complain that their stereo lags after using a long time

    #8 ATOTO YS102SL

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    Quick Review: Another ATOTO model that many other premium features at a low price, such as Android Auto and Apple Car Play, helps you use your phone feature in the head unit.

    This is another best stereo for iPhone 6 or above users.

    You can music and do calling wirelessly via built-in Bluetooth. 

    Also, you can cast your phone screen on the display of stereo with the Mirror Link option. FM and AM tuner is provided to enjoy the various available station at a significantly lower price.

    Display: This model comes with a full HD 7” screen size, which is well enough for any car. The screen is capacitive, which means you do not apply pressure for using the apps and other functions. The display has a 178-degree viewing angle, which means you can watch the show at the tip in front of the head unit. You can enjoy YouTube videos at a high definition, which is very impressive.

    Audio: Amplifier is quite common in stereos. The amplifier’s power output is 180 watts max and RMS power of 92 watts and has a four-channel output for speakers. Spotify, Pandora works efficiently in this unit.

    Detailed specifications:

    • Full HD 7” IPS display
    • Bluetooth with hands-free calling mode
    • Built-in FM and AM tuner with RDS available
    • 7 Preset Equalizer options
    • 45 watts x 4 channel output
    • Model: YS102SL
    • Multiple Language supported
    • Apple Car Play and Android Auto
    • Front and rare camera input
    • Aux and USB input
    • External microphone in the box
    • Wireless steering control input
    • SD Card supported up to 32 GB
    • MP3/ FLAC/ WMA/ AAC
    • USB output for connecting heard rest to stereo
    • USB and SD card input is at the front side for easy use.
    • Value for money
    • Apple Car Play and Android auto at a low price
    • Built-in GPS Navigation
    • No options for changing the wallpaper when screening boot-up
    • No CD/DVD drive
    • No multi-touch display

    #9 Hikity Android Car Stereo

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    Quick Review: Hikity car stereo is a famous and best-selling product that offers multiple elements at a low price.

    Built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling, audio streaming, and mirror link feature for iOS and android are the prominent selling features.

    A built-in GPS Navigation is provided in the stereo. A digital radio having 18 preset channels is provided in this stereo.

    You can this stereo with Wi-Fi and watch YouTube videos, play music in Spotify, and use Google Maps for navigation purposes. It is android based stereo and comes with a quad-core processor, and has a ram of one GB and 16 GB rom in which you can download multiple apps from the play store.

    Display: An extensive display with a screen size of 10.1 inches is vast in which you can watch videos in HD. There are many video formats that this stereo can supports. Some of them are MP4, AVI, MKV, MDV, and more.

    Audio: A pre-built amplifier having power out of 180 watts maximum with a formed channel for connecting speakers. It can support many audio formats such as FLAC, MP3, APE, WMA, etc.

    Detailed specifications:

    • Big 10.1” LCD Display
    • Size 1G and 16 GB
    • Display Resolution 1024 x 600
    • GPD Navigation supported
    • Built-in Wi-Fi
    • Hand Free calling
    • 45W X 4 power output
    • Free Backup Camera
    • Aux input
    • RCA input and output
    • GPS Antenna included in the box
    • Mirror Link for iPhone and android
    • Reverser Video connection
    • Supports original SWC
    • Digital FM Radio with 18 stations
    • Many picture formats are supported, such as PNG, JPEG, GIF, BNP, etc.
    • Big Screen at low cost
    • GPS Navigation enabled
    • Mirror Link is supported in both ios and android.
    • Settings are limited
    • Sometimes Equalizer did not work correctly.

    #10 Boss BV9358B

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    Quick Review: Boss BV9358B is one the cheapest stereo that boss offers and has many features such as Bluetooth audio streaming; also, you can use this stereo for picking calls with hand-free calling.

    You can play a video with its built-in DVD player; you can also play audio and video files via Pen-drive or directly connecting your phone with the stereo.

    Your phone will be charged when connected to the head unit. It can support many audio and video formats. Some of them are MP3, MP4, WMA, etc. Wireless Remote control available in the box for easy use.

    Display: A standard screen size of 6.2” LED touchscreen is given, which not big as other stereo but quite sufficient.

    Sound: With Boss BV9358B, you will get a pre-built amplifier having a power output of 320Watts maximum, which is one of its highlighting features. We can play music via many other apps such as Spotify and Pandora.

    Detailed specifications:

    • Model BV9358B
    • 320 watts power output
    • Equalizer setting available that contains balance, fader, bass, etc.
    • 3-year warranty
    • USB and SD card and camera input
    • Hand-free calling with audio streaming via Bluetooth
    • Many AM/FM radio stations
    • USB Charging and SWC Ready
    • Remote Control included
    • Many preset equalizer settings such as pop and rock
    • High-quality audio system at a low price
    • Hand Free Calling Works perfectly.
    • CD/DVD player which is quite handy
    • Limited settings also GPS navigation is not provided
    • Some customers report that the touch screen is relatively slow.
    • Slow UBS Charging


    What is the best Double Din Cheap Car Stereo?

    ATOTO A6Y2710SB is the best double din car stereo which you can get under 160 dollars.

    Does all car stereos fits in any car?

    If your car’s dashboard have space for a double din radio. Then surely your any type of radio will fit in your car but if your car doesn’t have space for these stereos then flip out stereo can help you.

    What is difference between double din and single din dashboard?

    The main difference between both stereo is the size. Double din dashboard is of 4 x 8″, while single din is of 2 x 8 inch.

    What is the cheapest double din radio?

    Boss BV9358B is one the cheapest car radio which offers many features like hands free calling, built-in EQ and many more.

    Will these Car Stereo improve sound quality?

    The head units we have listed here will surely improve your sound quality also it will increase your car’s interior look to next level due to their large touch display.


    So, which budget double din stereo you like in this list? It is pretty hard to choose the best double din, although every unit has its pros and cons.

    But in our opinion, the number one best budget double din head unit is ATOTO A6Y. The reason for selecting this unit in our priority list is superior display display, Apple CarPlay and a low price.

    But if you want pioneer stereo at a low price, then DMH 220nex is also a good option. But if you’re going to use modern features such as apple car play and app like Pandora, Spotify then EONON GA2187 is best for you. However, if your budget is super low, then ATOTO YS102SL is another great choice.

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