Best Double Din Car Stereos under $300


    Finding the best car stereo is a process that’s completely dependent on what your needs are.

    With a budget of 300 dollars, you can find literally thousands of double din car stereos in the market. But selecting the best one stereo from thousands of other units can be a difficult task.

    Whether you’re looking for a decent car stereo for the family or want a quality set of speakers for a pre-loved vehicle, there are a lot of great options for under 300 dollars.

    In order to help you, we have done comprehensive research over the market and have picked the top five Best Double Din Car Stereos under $300.

    Overall Best Car Stereo – ATOTO A6

    Quick Review: ATOTO A6 is an Android double din car stereo in which you will get a pre-built GPS Navigation system, which helps you to use Maps with or without the internet.

    It consists of many advanced features such as Bluetooth 5.0 which allows it to connects two phones at a time. Music Streaming and Hands-free calling both works flawlessly. It has a powerful built-in amplifier which has a power output of 200 watts.

    The display quality is excellent also you can change the brightness level. It also comes with a gesture control feature. More than 20 options work with gesture control which allows you to pick calls, play or change music, and many more with it.

    A mirror linking feature is also available, which can be compatible with almost all types of phones. You can listen to the radio and tune it with a built-in FM/FM tuner. It takes two seconds to boot which is quite impressive in this segment.


    • 10.1 inch IPS Floating Display
    • Resolution: 1024 x 600
    • Operating system: Android 6.0
    • Processor: 1.5Ghz Quad-Core CPU
    • RAM/ROM: 2GB / 32GB
    • 200 watts power output
    • 29 watts x 4 channel RMS
    • 9 Band EQ
    • Dual Bluetooth 5.0                    
    • Phone Mirroring
    • SWC Connection
    • 7 Gesture Control
    • Input: Backup Camera, Aux
    • Four USB Port
    • Big display size and has a good picture quality
    • Fantastic sound quality with a powerful amplifier
    • Built-in GPS Navigation works very accurately and fast
    • Connects quickly with Wi-Fi
    • Latest Bluetooth with dual connection support
    • 2 Seconds Boot-up
    • No Built-in HD Radio
    • The built-in equalizer is not as great you might think
    • It fits only in double din dashboard

    Product #2 – BOSS BVNV9384RC 

    Quick Review: The other best stereo under $300 is BOSS BVNV9384RC. Many other advanced features such as built-in GPS Navigation which can works with oe without internet connection. Hands-free calling, music streaming via built-in Bluetooth are available.

    It has an LCD touchscreen, which works fine. This car receiver’s cost isn’t so high, you will also get a free backup camera. The installation process is also pretty simple; you can easily install the stereo and backup camera in your Car. 


    • Screen Size: 6.2 inch
    • Resolution: 800 x 480
    • Power output: 4 x 80 watts
    • RMS: 20 watts
    • Built-in GPS Navigation system
    • Built-in Bluetooth
    • MP3 playback
    • 10 Band EQ
    • Dual USB input
    • AUX input
    • FLAC, WMA, APE formats
    • AM/ FM tuner
    • USB Charging
    • Six preamp output
    • Camera input
    • Warranty: 3 Years
    • Many advanced features like carplay available at a low cost
    • Hands-free calling works flawlessly.
    • Excellent sound quality
    • Easy to install and setup
    • Good backup camera and has a clear picture quality.
    • Slow volume adjuster
    • Low wire quality

    Product #3 – Sony XAV AX-100

    Quick Review: The other best car radio on our list is Sony XAV AX-100.In this head unit, you will get the latest features like Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, and smart voice control via Siri eyes-free. This stereo can fits easily in the double din as well as single din dashboards.

    Sony XAV AX-100 is also compatible with Sirius XM, in which you can enjoy unlimited sports, news, or comedy channel. Also, you can GPS Navigation antenna with stereo. This unit is pretty much compatible with all iPhones as well as Android phones. 

    Nearly everything can be controlled or controlled from a bank of basic controls on the XAV AX-1000 screen’s left-hand side. It also supports gesture control for changing the volume or changing the song swing a hand in front of the display.

    Although it does give you all the modern features like Pioneer considering its price, it right head unit which you can it under 300 dollars from online. 

    Consolidate that with the voice control and order choices you’ll appreciate, and you won’t need to stress over being a diverted driver while taking advantage of all the XAV AX-100 has to bring to the table.


    • 6.45″ Resistive Touchscreen Display
    • Built-in Bluetooth
    • Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto
    • Power Output: 4 x 55 watts
    • Sirius XM Ready
    • Preamp Output: Five channel
    • GPS Navigation Ready
    • Aux/USB input
    • Camera input
    • Remote control included
    • Warranty: 12 Months
    • Apple CarPlay works great with the latest as well as old iPhone
    • Impressive virtual speaker with Dynamic Stage Organiser
    • Bluetooth is compatible with all Android/ iPhone
    • Excellent sound quality due to good built-in amplifier
    • Limited settings available
    • This model is comparatively old however in this price segment it might be the great deal.

    Product #4 – JVC KW-M150BT

    Quick Review: The next head unit on our list is the JVC Double Din stereo. In this unit, you will get both Apple CarPlay and Android for using your iPhone and Android features in your vehicle.

    The best thing about this head unit is incredible sound quality and advanced features like built-in Bluetooth at an affordable price, which you can get under 300 dollars. 

    Sirius XM is compatible with the receiver, but you need to buy it separately; those who don’t want to buy Sirius XM can use their built-in Radio, in which AM/FM tuner is available.
    It has a standard screen size in which you will get a capacitive touchscreen display.

    You can also cast your phone screen on the presentation of the stereo with its mirror link feature. Time Alignment this also provided, which helps to distribute the sound in the whole Car equally.


    • 6.8″ Capacitive Touch Display 
    • 13-Band Graphic Equalizer
    • Bluetooth with auto-pairing
    • Apple CarPlay
    • Power output: 200 watts max.
    • RMS: 88 watts max.
    • Android Auto
    • Mirror Link
    • Gesture touch control
    • Sirius XM Ready
    • Various formats supported, such as FLAC
    • MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC
    • MPEG 1-2-4
    • AVI, MKV, WMV
    • USB Charging 1.5A
    • Connection for Backup Camera
    • Input: Aux, USB, SWC
    • 12 Months warranty
    • Pros: Hands-Free Calling via Bluetooth
    • Many equalizer settings
    • Compatible with both iPhone and Android
    • CarPlay / mirror link only with USB
    • No CD / DVD playback

    Pioneer DMH-1500NEX – Honorable Mention

    Quick Review: The reason for selecting this head unit in our priority list is its excellent audio quality and impressive design with all the latest features like hands-free calling via built-in Bluetooth. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in which you will be able to use all of your iPhone or Android phone features in the large display of this stereo.

    With Pioneer DMH-1500NEX, GPS navigation, watching videos on YouTube, playing music in Spotify or Pandora, or sending a text message is possible due to its Built-in CarPlay feature.

    The display is pretty huge, and the touch response is excellent; the picture and video quality are also acceptable. There are many settings available that allow you to change the display button’s colors with five different options.


    • 7inch WVGA Touch Display
    • Size: Double Din
    • 800 x 480 Resolution
    • 4 x 50 watts Power output
    • 14 watts RMS / per channel
    • 13 Band EQ
    • Bluetooth with hands-free calling
    • Compatible with Sirius XM
    • Alexa Built-in
    • MP3 Playback
    • Support FLAC audio files
    • MPEG 1-2-4, JPEG files
    • AAC, WMV, AVI/ DivX
    • Wired CarPlay
    • Weblink Ready
    • Dual Camera connection
    • Aux input
    • USB input
    • Compatible with Steering Wheel Control
    • Warranty: 12 Months 
    • Impressive design with a good touch screen display
    • A built-in equalizer is just fantastic.
    • Connects quickly with iPhone as well as Android for Bluetooth pairing
    • A not too expensive head unit like other models of Pioneer
    • No built-in HD radio
    • CarPlay only works when you connect your phone with the receiver via USB.

    Things you should look while buying a Car Stereo

    Power: It is the amount of power your car receiver will get. The ideal power output is around 45-80 watts and RMS power of 20 to 50 watts per channel.

    Compatibility: It is the most crucial aspect you should keep in mind because if the stereo is not compatible with your phone, then you can take full advantage of the Radio. Also, hands-free calls work only if your device is consistent with the unit.

    Display: The display must be capacitive or resistive, which helps to use it without pressure. The screen size depends on your choice.

    Apple CarPlay or Android Auto: This another helpful feature, as mention above; you can use all of your iPhone or Android features in a display of Radio.

    Connection: The head unit must connect for various car accessories such as Steering Wheel Control, Backup Camera.


    Which is the best car stereo for the money?

    ATOTO A6 is the car stereos which you buy for under 300 dollars. The resason why this head unit is best is its great display qualit and audio quality with latest features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

    Which brand is best for a car stereo?

    Pioneer, JVC, Alpine, Boss, Atoto are the best aftermarket head unit brands. Where Pioneer and Alpine head units are quite costly but worth every single penny. However, Atoto and Boss are head units comes with very affordable price and offers good good display and sound quality with all sets of latest features.

    How much does a good car stereo cost?

    If you want the right Car in quality and functionality, it will take you around 300 to 1000 dollars depending on what company’s head unit model you are buying.

    What is the best cheap double din radio?

    BOSS BVNV9384RC is one of the best car stereos which you can buy it under 250 dollars.

    Final Verdict

    Here comes the final decision which car stereo is the best? The answer to this question is depends on person to person. Some person wants best in the class unit but other wants best in class in cheap price.

    Well, all the units that are listed are listed only due to their awesome functions and great price tag. But, if you are asking for the best car stereo for the performance. By considering the features and budget under 300 dollars, ATOTO A6 stands best from all the other units. But if your budget is comparatively low for Pioneer, then Boss BCPA9685RC will be a great choice.

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