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Top 5 Best Single Din Navigation Head Units

Does your car’s dashboard lack space for a double din stereo? But you want to use the large touch stereo for Navigation as well as for hands-free calling.

Then, Flip Out car stereo can help you in this situation. This type of stereo can easily fit in almost any type of dashboard, whether your car has space for a single din or double din stereo.

But the problem is there are very few single din head units available in the market that are equipped with Built-in GPS Navigation, and it is hard to find and select the best from them.

To help you to find the best navigation head unit, we have done comprehensive research and have selected top five best single din touchscreen stereo. These car stereos comes with all advanced features like Apple car play, Bluetooth, GPS navigation, and many more.

4 Things to Look Before Buying Single Din Touchscreen Head Unit

Below is a list for selecting the best single din head unit.

Performance: The first thing we look at in a car stereo is power output. This is the amount of power output that your car stereo will get. In short, the more the power, the louder it will be. The ideal power output of a good stereo is around 200 watts.

(Tip: Do not connect a high-power speaker to a lower power output stereo, as it will not give you the best result.)

Compatibility: It is one of the important factors you must keep in mind. However, you buy a head unit to make your life easy. But if the head unit doesn’t look compatible with your phone, it will be very tough for you to take your stereo’s full advantage. You must check that the receiver is compatible with the iPhone or android.

Hand-free calling: It is the best feature that every stereo must have. This feature not only helps to make your life easy but also keeps your life safe. With this feature, you can make or receive calls on your head unit. Be sure to buy only that unit that comes with built-in Bluetooth.

Display: We all know that the better the resolution, the better the display quality stereo will. Also, the text must be easy to read.

The size of the head unit mainly depends on your choice. Most head units are available between 6 -10 inches.

Additional Features: There are many other things you can check. Some of them are given below.

  • Preamp Output
  • Steering Wheel Control
  • Backup Camera input
  • Better Equalizer
  • Aux and USB input

1. Dasaita Car Stereo – Best Single Din Navigation Head Unit

Dasaita Car Stereo

  • 10″ Large Display
  • 15 Band Equalizer
  • Built-in GPS Navigation
  • Apple CarPlay, Android Auto

Quick Review: Built-in GPS Navigation and Bluetooth streaming make this stereo one of the best and safest devices due to the hands-free calling feature. GPS does not depend on your phone for navigation, which means GPS can work without the internet. Apple Car Play and Android Auto can work with Wi-Fi or USB and is compatible with smartphones.

Dasaita Car Stereo is best known for its sound quality due to its built-in digital signal processing (DSP) that makes the audio quality crispy and clear. Mirror link works via easy connects app and is compatible with iPhone and Android. It comes with a giant 10.2″ LCD screen in which the touch is accurate and responsive. This head unit can support 1080p video output. 


  • 10″ Large Display
  • 15 Band Equalizer with smart Bass
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • RAM: 4 GB and ROM: 64 GB
  • AM / FM Radio with RDS 
  • Wi-Fi and 4G supported 
  • The power output of 50 watts x 4
  • IPS Display having 1024 x 600 Resolution
  • (1.4G Quad-core + 1.8G Dual-core) Processor
  • 16 GB SD card with download maps included
  • GPS Antenna included in the box
  •  An external mic and Wi-Fi antenna included in the box.
  • Supports SWC and Backup camera connection
  • Big screen size with a responsive touch
  • Better Sound quality due to DSP
  • 12 months warranty provided
  • GPS Can work with or without the internet
  • Bit expensive
  • Low brightness may cause difficulty to view in sunlight

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2. Pioneer AVH 3500NEX Best Single Din Touchscreen Head Unit

Pioneer AVH 3500NEX

  • 7″ Big HD Display
  • Power Output: 4 x 50 Watts
  • Apple Carplay, Android Auto
  • GPS Navigation Ready

Quick Review: This stereo is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which means you will be able to use all of your iPhone or android features such as sending and receiving a message, Google maps/ apple maps, Waze, or playing music from Spotify or other apps. You can do so many things with or without even touching the screen due to Siri’s eyes-free and Google assistant.

It is a GPS navigation ready head unit that means you need to buy an external GPS receiver for the navigation. Although, you can use apple car play for navigation. It mainly depends on whether you want to pay extra bucks for the receiver or use the apple car play.

Sirius XM is having more than 140 channels, including sports, comedy, news, and more. You can use many apps for audio streaming, such as Pandora, Google Play music.

A large 7” motorized display having a led backlight is given. There are 13 background colors; also, you can customize the display with five colors and 112 key colors. The brightness level can be changed, which easily shows the display in bright and low light. It is a single din head unit but can be fitted in any dashboard whether your vehicle has a single din or double din dashboard. However, if your car has space for 2 Din then check this Pioneer AVH-2550NEX is also a great stereo for the double dun dash. To view the full review of Pioneer AVH-2500NEX please Click here.


  • Model Number: AVH 3500NEX
  • 13 Band Graphic Equalizer
  • A built-in amplifier having a power output of 50w x 4 channel 
  • Hand Free Calling via Bluetooth
  • 7 inch Clear Resistive Floating Display
  • Sirius XM compatible with 18 FM and 6 AM preset channels
  • Dual Phone Connection supported
  • GPS Navigation enabled
  • USB port, HDMI, and AUX input
  • Preamp output having six channels
  • Backup camera connection available
  • Supports FLAC, MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV, CD/RW files
  • Supports all MPEG formats, AVI, DVIX, and JPEG
  • 12 months warranty included
  • Remote control included in the box
  • Impressive equalizer with a high-quality audio system
  • Very responsive and clear display
  • Works with all types of smartphone
  • Cons: No prebuilt GPS, but you add GPS by buying Pioneer AVIC-U280 add-on
  • Installation may take time.
  • No prebuilt equalizer

3. EINCAR Single Din stereo – Best Budget Single Din Navigation Stereo

EINCAR Single Din stereo

  • 7″ Touchscreen Display
  • Pre-built GPS Navigation
  • CD / DVD Player
  • Backup Camera input

Quick Review: The third unit is from an unknown company EINCAR. The reason for selecting this unit on our list is its low price and good reviews. Many features are available on this radio; some are GPS Navigation and Mirror Link, which can be compatible with all types of phones.

CD/DVD player is available to play videos and audio in multiple formats such as mp3, mp4, RMVB, RM, and more. An external microphone is also provided in the box for hand-free calling. The OBD2 scanner is also compatible with this head unit, in which you can check the performance of your vehicle in real-time.

The latest Android 10 support is given to download more than 250 apps from the play store. A 7” capacitive touch screen is given in which you can play videos at high definition. It can support multi-touch also; the response time is less than 0.1s, which is very fast. 

If you are an iPhone user, you use the mirror link feature via Wi-Fi, or if you are android, you can use the mirror link through a USB cable.


  • RAM: 1GB / ROM: 32GB
  • Size: 7″
  • Quad-Core processor
  • Supports Wi-Fi and 4G 
  • Input for Aux, USB, and SD Card
  • Built-in CD/DVD player
  • AM/FM Radio with 30 channel
  • Supports 1080p Video quality
  • GPS Antenna included in the box
  • Connection for Steering Wheel Control and backup camera
  • USB Charging 
  • Remote Control and External Microphone included
  • Support multiple image formats such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, and many more
  • Easy to use touch screen
  • Good video quality at a low price
  • Free GPS antenna and external mic
  • Slow operating system
  • The USB port is at the back that makes it tough to reach
  • Sometimes while using some app, the unit gets crashed due to low RAM.

4. Binize Single Din Android GPS Navigation Car Stereo


  • 10.1″ Large touchscreen
  • Built-in GPS Navigation
  • 4 x 45 Watts Power Peak
  • Mirror Link Supported

Quick Review: Another popular car stereo that offers many advanced features. Built-in navigation, Bluetooth, and mirror link are some of its main features.

The receiver uses a dual satellite position system that the unit very accurate. The receiver is compatible will navigation apps like Google Maps, Wave, and Nav free.

Hands-free calling and music streaming works great. We recommend you buy the 32 GB version because it gives more space, although its reviews are better than the 16 GB version.

A 10.1” capacitive touch screen that gives high-definition resolution is probably the best choice for those who are big display fans. You can even cast your phone screen to the head unit and watch videos or whatever you want. Also, this head unit is not so expensive. You can grab this best head unit for under 150 dollars.


  • RAM: 2 GB and ROM: 32 GB
  • GPS Navigation via dual satellite position system
  • Supports 1080p video format
  • 1024 x 600 Resolution
  • USB Input
  • Supports Phone Link / Mirror Link
  • Steering Wheel control input
  • Backup Camera input
  • FM Radio with Tuner
  • Power Output 45 watts x 4 channel
  • Equalizer settings with many preset
  • Many audio and video formats are MP3, AVI, MP4, MPG, MPEG, WMA, etc.
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Big HD display that improves your car’s interior design
  • Superb customer service also you will get a lifetime warranty on this product.
  • Connect easily with iPhone as well as Andriod
  • Low power output
  • No Apple CarPlay

5. Soundstream VIR-7830B – Best Budget Navigation car stereo

Best Single Din Navigation Head Unit

  • 7’’ LCD Touchscreen Display
  • Support Backup Camera
  • Built-in CD/DVD Player
  • Support Bluetooth Calling
  • Budget Friendly

Quick Review: The best thing about this head unit is the in-dash navigation, which gives very accurate information and has a database of 12 million points of interest.

Hand-free calling also works excellent due to the built-in Bluetooth version 4.0. The Mirror link works well with android.

A flip-out display having a screen size of 7 inches LED display. The display is anti-theft, which means you can remove the faceplate.


  • Model Number: Soundstream VIR-7830B
  • 300 watts power output
  • Detachable Faceplate
  • 3.5 mm Aux input
  • 800 x 480 Resolution
  • CD/DVD Player that can support video up to 720p
  • 10 Band Digital Equalizer with several presets
  • Fast charging for the phone through front USB
  • GPS Antenna Remove Control included in the box
  • Support for steering wheel control and backup camera
  • Several audio and video formats supported such as MP3, MP4, FLAC, MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG 4, AVI and AAC, WMA and WAV
  • GPS works very fast and accurate.
  • Strong Bluetooth connection and connect automatically.
  • Awesome sound quality
  • Some customers complain that Mirror Link is not working well on some android phones but works well with iPhone.


Which is the best single din car stereo with GPS Navigation

Dasaita 10 inch Car Stereo is the best single din Navigation stereo which built-in GPS Navigation, Apple CarPlay, and many other features and can be easily fitted in any dashboard.

Is the Car Navigation system worth it?

Absolutely, built-in navigation is worth it because of many reasons like offline and accurate Navigation. However, you can get the same kind of things with Apple Carplay or Android auto but no offline navigation.

Can you put a touch screen radio in older vehicles?

Mostly in older vehicles, there is a single din dashboard. But if you want to use the touchscreen in your older cars, then flip-out radio is best for you because they offer a large touchscreen display and fit in any dashboard.

Do you need navigation if you had apple car play?

No, you do not need to buy a prebuilt GPS Navigation stereo because you can use Google maps or Apple maps in apple car play.

Is the Car Navigation system worth it?

It depends on you whether you want a prebuilt GPS or not. You can do the same kind of thing with apple car play or android auto.

Can you add navigation to any car?

If your car does not have prebuilt navigation, you can add it by buying an aftermarket navigation stereo.

What does navigation mean on a car stereo?

These are those type of stereos that comes with prebuilt GPS Navigation system. These head units do not depend on the phone, which means you can use these head units for navigation without the internet. These stereos are very accurate as they use GPS satellite technology to give the exact location where you are and where you want to go. Also, many advanced features as possible such as if you want to go to a particular area. Navigation stereo will give you the traffic report and weather report of that area. Thus, it not saves your time but also saves your money.

Does any car stereo fit in any car?

You cannot install any radio on any dashboard, there are two types of radio available such as single din and double din. Single din head unit is of 2 x 8” size that means, you can put this head unit in the single din as well as double din dashboard. While double din is of 4 x 8” size, that means, this type of head unit can fit easily in double din dashboard. But if you want to install it in a single din dashboard, there will be a need for a technician and manual adjustment.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that choosing the best single din unit from the above list is difficult. Everything relies upon your necessities and wants your vehicle suits. As you know, every head unit has its pros and cons, but it mainly depends on you.

Each sound system model for this audit is known for having a straightforward interface, Bluetooth network, and a few distinctive sound/video association designs.

So let us come to the point, if you want the best single head unit, then Pioneer AVH 3500nex will be a great choice.

If you want the best single din head unit with a navigation system, then Dasaita Car Stereo is another great choice.

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