Pioneer AVH-2550NEX Review

    You don’t need to be a car audio expert or technician to buy and install the best double din head unit.

    But why do you actually want to shift to a new car stereo?

    Well, there are plenty of reasons to shift to modern touch stereo. Some of them are a big touch screen, GPS navigation, Bluetooth with hands-free calling, and most importantly, the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

    But if I tell you that you can get all these features in one stereo, what will your reaction be?

    Pioneer AVH 2550NEX can give you all these features at a reasonable price.

    So let us check out what other things you will get after buying AVH-2550NEX.

    Pioneer AVH-2550NEX

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    • 6.8” Capacitive Touch Screen
    • 13 Band Graphic EQ
    • Apple CarPlay, Android Auto
    • Power Output: 4 x 50 Watts
    • CD / DVD Player

    What’s in the Pioneer AVH-2550NEX BOX?

    • Head Unit receiver
    • External microphone with Visor Bracket
    • Wireless Remote Control
    • Wiring Harness
    • USB Cable having a size of 58 inch
    • Double-Sided Tape
    • How to start Guide
    • 3V Lithium Battery
    • 6 Pan Head Screws
    • 6 Countersunk Screws
    • Warranty Card and a User Manual

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    Key Features of Pioneer AVH 2550NEX

    There are so many features available in this stereo, probably it takes you around a week to know and use its full function. But Apple CarPlay is something that will blow your mind in terms of functionality.

    A DVD player is given in which you can play videos of good quality. This head unit is best for iPhone users because it takes very few seconds to connect the iPhone to the stereo.

    You can also use GPS Navigation through Apple CarPlay, Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps. Also, a Parking assists guideline is given, which helps you reverse your vehicle.

    Display: This unit comes with a massive 6.8” touch screen display. The touch is clear resistive means that the contact is sensitive, and you do not press the show hardly to use anything on it. Five Display color is given in which you can change the color of buttons located at the left of the screen. You can also customize the clock design and change the background color. You can enjoy YouTube videos of good quality.

    Audio: It has a built-in amplifier that has a good power output and RMS. Built-in equalizer is also available, which is another cool feature of this unit. In the equalizer settings, it has two customs and five options such as Natural, Vocal, Flat, Powerful, and Bass. So many other customization setting available such as Fader / Balance, mute level, source-level adjuster, subwoofer and many more.

    Other Highlighting Features

    Built-in HD Radio:  It has pre-built HD radio with tuner. There are about 18 FM and 6 AM Presets channels available. In radio settings, a quick EQ button is given on the right side so that you can change the equalizer setting according to your taste. Also, a quick call button at the right end of the screen helps to make calls quickly.

    Bluetooth connection: Built-in Bluetooth is available which allows you to connect two devices at one time. Also, Simple Secure Pairing helps you to connect your devices with the unit very quickly and securely.

    Hands-Free Calling: With AVH 2550NEX, you can do hands-free calling without any problem. It takes a few seconds to connect the phone to the unit. You can enjoy making calls from your head unit, which is very helpful when you are driving. Typically, while driving in an open car, the call quality sucks, but you will not face any issue with this radio.

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    Apple CarPlay: Unfortunately, there is no wireless apple CarPlay, but CarPlay works pretty well with a USB connection. With a car, you do so things such as watching videos on YouTube or send messages on WhatsApp, settings alarms or picking calls. With CarPlay, you can do almost all the things that you do on your iPhone.

    Android Auto: The same case in android auto, but only works with android; you need to connect your android phone via USB to it. And you can use this for downloading unlimited apps from the Play Store or everything you can do on the android device.

    Siri Eyes Free: It is one of the best head unit for iPhone users because it can support Siri Eyes Free in which you can play songs, sends messages, make calls, and other kinds of stuff with your voice control. While driving, this feature is extremely useful as you don’t need to touch the display.

    Web-Link: The function of WebLink pretty much the same as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto; also, you can use it with your iPhone or Android device. You can use Web-Link for using the apps on the unit, which need to be already installed on your phone.

    Navigation Ready: Pre-built Navigation is not available but, there is an option to connect an external GPS antenna. Pioneer recommends using the AVIC U220 add-on for this radio.

    Compatibility: Pioneer AVH 2550NEX is compatible with all types of car accessories, such as 

    • Dual Backup Camera
    • Steering Wheel Control
    • OBD2 Scanner
    • Parking Assist Guideline
    • iDataLink Maestro
    • Sirius XM tuner
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    Specifications of the Pioneer AVH – 2500NEX

    • 6.8” Capacitive Touch Screen with LED Backlight
    • Resolution: 800 x 480 WVGA
    • CD / DVD Player
    • 13 Band Graphic Equalizer
    • Power Output of 50 watts x 4 Channel
    • 14 watts RMS per Channel
    • Full Dimension: 11 x 11 x 7 inches
    • Bluetooth with hands-free profile V 1.6
    • Dual Phone connection supported in Bluetooth
    • HD Radio having 18 FM and 6 AM channel
    • MP3 Audio and RDS
    • Dual Connection for front and rear Camera
    • USB Input with direct control for iPhone
    • FLAC Supported
    • Sirius XM Ready
    • iData-Link Maestro Ready
    • Web Link Compatible
    • Video Output for six channels
    • Supports MPEG 1-2-4 Video Playbacks
    • Other formats like WMV, JPEG, AVI /DivX
    • 12 Months Warranty
    • Easy to ready display and has a responsive touch.
    • Hand Free Calling works flawlessly.
    • Excellent Audio Quality and many apps supported, such as Spotify and Pandora.
    • Direct USB Control for iPhone makes it easy to connect and use your iPhone feature in the head unit.
    • HD Radio works without any problem.
    • Many equalizer settings available
    • Bluetooth connects very quickly and has a strong connection.
    • Useful Parking Assist Guide Line available
    • You can hear the news, check Weather Control, or play music via built-in Alexa.
    • No Wireless option for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto
    • Small menu and volume buttons
    • It might be challenging to install for some people.
    • It might be expensive for some people, but you can check this post if you want a budget stereo.
    • No Offline navigation is given, but you add it by buying AVIC-U280

    How can I watch videos on Pioneer AVH?

    There are multiple ways that you can videos, such as CD drive and YouTube via apple CarPlay. Also, you can directly play movies through the USB input.

    Can I pair more than one phone in AVH 2550NEX?

    Yes, you can pair two devices at a time due to its dual Bluetooth support feature.

    What is Web-Link in car stereo?

    With WebLink, you can use all of your phone’s apps on the stereo like YouTube, Google Maps, etc. But to connect, you also need to install a WebLink application on your mobile device.

    Can this unit fit in my dashboard?

    If your dashboard has space for double din radio, this radio will surely fit in your car without any problem.

    Does Backup Camera include in AVH 2550NEX?

    A backup camera is not given in the box, but there is an option to connect a rare view camera and a dash camera.

    Which Pioneer stereo is best for the money?

    There is no doubt that Pioneer AVH 2550NEX is one of the best head unit for the money; also, you will get a CD/DVD player, which most other units do not provide.

    Where can I download the user manual for AVH 2550NEX?

    You can download user for 2550-NEX from here 

    Does this support USB Charging?

    Yes, this unit supports USB charging for all mobile devices.


    Pioneer did a superb task in making this radio. AVH 2550NEX is one of the pioneer’s best car radio for the money. In 2021, no stereo provider will give all the unit features at this price. The serious evaluating makes this unit a phenomenal starter in-run beneficiary with enough highlights to get you by satisfactorily.

    If you are serious about upgrading your audio system, then this is something you must purchase. Otherwise, you can also check our Pioneer DMH 1500NEX post which is also a nice head unit.

    This stereo will be an excellent choice for those who want an Apple CarPlay and a DVD player even though it is a bit costly, however worth every penny.