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Pioneer AVH-X3700bhs

Pioneer AVH-X3700bhs 6.2″ CD/DVD/ HD Radio/ Bluetooth/ 13 Band Equalizer/ Android/ iPhone Compatible

Pioneer AVH-X3700bhs Review

If you are serious about upgrading your car infotainment system for the latest features like hands-free calling even without spending lots of money then the Pioneer AVH-X3700bhs is something you should look at before taking any buying decision. Pioneer always gives its best to serve the people’s demands and that’s why have recently released the new X3700bhs multi-media receiver.

The best thing about this unit is the beautiful design with a CD/DVD player which is located at the top of the display. There are many features this unit supports however you can find most of them below, which can surely beat the many other factory car stereos at this price as the X3700bhs offers.

To get the complete information about the Pioneer AVH X3700bhs, simply scroll down and get the full review, where we have given all the details and all its pros and cons, and tell what will be the best alternatives of this double din unit in 2021.

Box Content

In the box, you will get 

  • CD/DVD Receiver (2-Din Chassis)
  • Wiring Harness for connecting it to your vehicle
  • Wireless Remote Control/batteries
  • Microphone for hands-free calling
  • 58” USB Cable having Type-A Connectors
  • Warranty Card / User Manual
  • Screws: 6 Pan Head, 6 Flat Head

Design and Features

As we mentioned above, it is a double-din size stereo which has a screen size of 6.2” with a resistive touchscreen. Numerous features this head unit supports, but below we have given the highlighting features as a detailed review of AVH-X3700bhs. Also, if you don’t have enough time to read this full specs review, below we have the specification in a flash which you to save your extra time.

Pioneer AVH-x3700bhs
Pioneer AVH-x3700bhs

Besides this, it has 5 display colors with which you can customize the button color with 112 key color combinations. Also, there is a brightness controller option due to which you can control brightness for day and night use. The Touch response is also good but the only problem is the quality that it can support HD video. It can support many video formats such as CD/CD-R/RW/MP3/WMA/AAC/WAV. At the left, there buttons for volume and music change, and a useful home screen shortcut button which is very helpful while driving.

This unit comes with a built-in amplifier which is very powerful and has a power output of 200 watts. You will get Auto equalizer mode which helps to improve the audio quality to equalizing the different audio frequencies. Overall the Audio quite amazing also many Audio Formats this radio supported such as DVD/DVD-R RW/DVD, AVI, MPEG 1, 2, 4

Built-in HD Radio

This is one the best feature this unit has, although who does not want to listen to the radio at high quality?

The FM audio is just like next to CD quality also, you can take the advantage of a large number of radio channels so that you never get bored while driving. With X3700bhs, you use voice command Control via Siri Eyes Free which is compatible with many iPhones. 

You can do several functions with it such as making or receiving calls just by speaking or playing music or setting up alarms and many more functions which helps a lot to save time even while you are driving your car.

Pioneer AVH-X3700bhs
Pioneer AVH-X3700bhs

Rating 4.6 (467)

Sirius XM Ready

This Car audio receiver is compatible with Sirius XM internet Radio will let you access several kinds of music, T.V shows, News, Comedy, and even the Weather Report. But the only problem is, you need to buy the Sirius XM module externally and you also need to buy the subscription for that, other than it will be a great option if you can afford it.

Mirror Link

You can use the mirror link feature in the unit and can simply cast your phone screen on the prominent display of the head unit. However, you will need to buy an external module which is Pioneer CD-MU200 to fully use the advanced features like music via Pioneer, Contacts, and many latest apps.  The mirror link is compatible with android devices however if you want to use the mirror link function in your check this head unit.


It is quite simple to stream music in X3700bhs due to its simple sharing mode also it takes very few seconds to connect to your phone with the receiver. 

With hands-free text mode, you do text messaging even via a driving vehicle. The calling quality is quite good compared to its old model due to the latest hands-free profile 1.6 which helps to make the Bluetooth connection strong.


  • 6.2” LCD Display with LED Backlight
  • 800 x 480 Resolution
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • GPS Navigation Ready
  • 50 x 4 watts Power Output
  • 18 x 4 watts RMS
  • 13 Band Graphic EQ
  • 7 Preset EQ Curves
  • Bluetooth with Hands-Free Profile
  • Built-in HD Radio/ Sirius XM Ready
  • 18 FM And 6 AM Presets
  • Mirror Link Ready
  • Wireless Pandora Control
  • Subwoofer Control
  • USB – AUX input 
  • MIXTRAX Audio
  • 6 x Pre-AMP Video Output
  • Compatible with both iPhone/Android
  • Compatible with Dual Backup Camera
  • USB Direct Control For iPhone
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Rock Solid Bluetooth connection and very easy to connect option for iPhones and Android
  • The Display quality is pretty good also you get will not get any problem while using it in Bright Sunlight
  • The video and audio of CD/DVD is quite decent
  • The built-in equalizer is really good for changing a large number of audio tones
  • Many Customizable settings for Display and background lights
  • USB Direct Control for iPhone feature also works well
  • Compatible with both iPhone and Android
  • Compatible with iDatalink Maestro but to use this feature, you need to buy the external module
  • The Button quality is low also volume button of the remote sometimes did not work
  • No wireless connectivity only valid for Bluetooth connections
  • Hard to install this unit for new car owners
  • The price of the quite high compared to other models which offering same features.
  • Sometimes App Radio stops working


Does AVH-X3700bhs support a Backup Camera?

Yes, this car radio can support both rare as well front-facing backup camera

Does AVH-X3700bhs support phone charging?

Yes, it does. With dual USB input, you can change every type of phone whether iPhone or Android.

Where to get the Pioneer AVH-X3700bhs User Manual?

To get the manual of this car radio simply click here and it will redirect to the official site of Pioneer where you can find the manual for this head unit.

Does this Unit Support GPS?

To use GPS Navigation in the head unit, you need to buy an external GPS Navigation module that is AVIC-U260, then you install it in your vehicle then can use the GPS option in your car. However, you can also GPS via APP Radio Mode feature but it works only with few selected phones like iPhone 5-6-7 and some other android devices.

What is Auto EQ in Car Stereos?

Auto EQ is also known as the auto equalizer, works on the principle of AI which helps to adjust the different frequencies to give the best audio output.

Pioneer AVH-X3700bhs – Final Verdict

If you are reading this then there is a strong possibility that you have also read the whole review of X3700bhs.  As you know there are lots of models that Pioneer is offering in the market however if you are planning to AVH-x3700bhs in 2021, then we will strongly recommend you to not buy this Unit.

Because this unit has been released in 2016 and this model has become too old. The best alternative to this head unit is the Pioneer AVH-2500NEX, which is currently the latest head unit that Pioneer is offering. To view the full review of this head unit, check this review article where we have all the complete information. 

If you really want to enhance your driving experience then you must give it a try and check whether it might be or bad for your vehicle.

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