Pioneer AVH-X5800BHS Review

    Pioneer AVH-X5800BHS was first globally launched in 2016. This head unit was very popular at that time due to its advanced features like hands-free calling, Sirius XM, App Radio Mode, and many more.

    Then you might also be thinking of does this head unit good enough to buy in 2021?
    Well if you also want to know the answer to this question then stay with us.

    We will give you all details as well as the pros and cons of the AVH-X5800BHS and also tells you the best and latest alternative of this head unit.

    Pioneer AVH-X5800BHS

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    • 7″ Clear Resistive Touchscreen
    • 200 watts Power Peak
    • 13 Band Equalizer settings
    • Built-in HD Radio
    • Dual Bluetooth Support
    • Spotify and Pandora Support
    • CD / DVD Drive

    What’s in the Pioneer AVH-X5800BHS Box?

    • Double Din CD/ DVD Receiver
    • Long USB Cable having the size of 58” with Type-A Connectors at both ends
    • Wiring Harness for connecting and powering the radio
    • Good quality Microphone having 2.5 MM connectors
    • 6-Pan Head Screw, 6 Flat Head screw
    • Wireless Remote Control with Lithium Batteries
    • Double-Sided Tape
    • User Manual and Lastly Warranty Card
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    Pioneer AVH-X5800BHS Review

    Pioneer AVH-X5800BHS Specification in a flash

    • 7” Clear Resistive Touchscreen
    • Motorized Display 800 x 480 resolution
    • CD/DVD Receiver, LED Backlight
    • Brightness Control
    • 13 Band Equalizer / Auto EQ
    • GPS Navigation Ready
    • Dual Bluetooth connection w/hands-free profile v1.6
    • Built-in HD Radio having 18 FM and 6 AM presets
    • Compatible with Sirius XM
    • Many audio formats are supported via CD/DVD such as FLAC, MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV.
    • Video Formats such as MPEG 1-2-4, WMV, AVI/DVIX
    • Many Video Formats 
    • Support Voice speech via Siri Eyes Free
    • Compatible with App Radio Live
    • Dual USB input and Aux input

    Detailed Features of AVH-X5800BHS 

    Display Quality

    This head unit comes with a 7” motorized touchscreen which can be tilt outside and inside with the help of an eject button which is available at the bottom right side of the display which helps you to play videos through a CD/ DVD drive at very good quality.

    At the left bottom side of the display, you will get the volume button and at the right side, the home button is placed with fast forward/backward buttons.

    This unit comes with all the basic features that Pioneer offers in most of their stereos like LED backlight, brightness control for day and night, 5 Display with 112 Key combinations, and 13 Background colors.

    Sound Quality 

    The audio quality is quite good due to the pioneer’s built-in amplifier which has a power output of 200 watts max. You can also MIXTRAX with this unit to create DJ like the effect of various songs.

    You can use Bluetooth in this head unit and can easily connect your iPhone or android with this unit to listen to your favorite songs/ music or to make calls at very good quality due to its built-in microphone. AVH-X5800BHS supports up-to two phone devices at a time which you use for making calls or listing music at the same time with this unit. This head unit uses hands-free profile v 1.6 which makes the calling experience so smooth. 

    App Radio Mode 

    AVH-X5800BHS is compatible with app radio mode which lets you enjoy various features like GPS navigation, listing music or podcasts, Weather app which will give weather information of the next five days and the last app is the calendar.

    To use App Radio Mode in this head unit, you first need to download the App Radio live app from the App Store or Play Store, and then you need to connect your iPhone or android with the receiver via USB cable and then an App Radio Mode icon will be shown at the middle of the screen and simply click then you will able to use its full features.


    For those who don’t know Pandora, it is a software design for car stereos and mobile devices so that you enjoy listing to music or radio to your choice.

    But to use Pandora on this head unit, you first need to download Pandora App from the Play store if you are Android and similarly download Pandora App from App Store if you are using iPhone and simply connects your phone via wirelessly or via USB cable, if you don’t know about how to it with your stereo, you need to watch some tutorials on You-tube or you can read manual to get the complete information about how to connect and how to use X5800BHS.

    HD Radio

    Pioneer AVH-X5800BHS offers an HD Radio feature that will allow you to listen to your Radio station at a crystal clear quality. You can use this HD Radio feature for Free of Cost which helps to save you bucks. 

    You can MIXTRAX feature in this car stereo which helps and entertain by its cool feature of DJ-inspired effect.

    You can literally remix every song and also create special effects, but use these features only if you have connects your phone device with the stereo.


    The price of AVH-X5800BHS is around 250 – 320 Dollars depending on where you buying a head unit. The price is quite not too high as compared to its other model Pioneer but then you will also do not get advanced features like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto which was very necessary for today’s modern life.

    That’s why I recommend you go with Pioneer DMH 1500NEX which is the latest car stereo and offers you the latest features like CarPlay, GPS Navigation, and many more at a very reasonable price. 


    This Car stereo supports many car accessories which you can find below:

    • Backup Camera [Pioneer ND-BC8 Recommended]
    • License Plate Camera [Audio-vox ACA800]
    • Steering Wheel Control


    At the backside of this stereo, you can find 

    • 1 USB input
    • AV input
    • Backup Camera input
    • 1 Rear Audio input
    • 1 Rare Video input
    • 1 Rare Video Output
    • 3.5MM input for Auto EQ
    • Steering Wheel input
    • Big Display with clear resistive touchscreen
    • CD/DVD works perfectly and even support high files like FLAC
    • Works all android and iPhones excepts latest iPhone models
    • Support GPS Navigation but you need to buy a Navigation model that is AVIC-U260
    • Many equalizer setting available with the Auto EQ feature
    • Direct Control for iPhone makes it super easy to use
    • Dual Bluetooth connection and Wireless Calling works great
    • Works with Sirius XM
    • Voice Command via Siri Eyes Free works very accurate
    • Built-in HD Radio with many presets
    • The awesome time Alignment feature
    • Might be tricky to install this head unit for new drivers
    • Does not support other car accessories like iDatalink Maestro
    • This model is a little outdated
    • Which Backup Camera works best with AVH-X5800BHS?
    • AVH-X5800BHS works fine with this head unit also, if you want to add a license plate camera, you can go with Audiovox ACA800 or Boyo VTL422TJS.


    Does this head unit support Apple CarPlay?

    As we mention above this unit does now support Apple CarPlay but you can App Radio Live feature to use GPS Navigation and other same features that CarPlay support.

    Can I use steering wheel control in this head unit?

    There is an input for steering wheel control with which, you can use this feature.

    How to get the Pioneer AVH-X5800BHS user manual?

    To get the AVH-X5800BHS user manual click here and you will be redirected to Pioneer’s official website.

    Does this head unit support a dual Bluetooth connection?

    Yes, as we also mentioned above, you can use two phone devices at a time with this car stereo.

    Pioneer AVH-X5800BHS Verdict

    This double din head unit offers many good features and functions at a very reasonable price but the only thing which I have told in the beginning is the year which this head unit was released.
    Well, if don’t mind the model or the year which it was released and want a good head unit with good audio and video quality at a low price, this AVH-X5800BHS a very great choice.

    However, if your budget is high and wants the Pioneer head unit check this car stereo review which offers Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and more features.