Pioneer DMH-1500NEX


    Pioneer DMH-1500NEX 7″ multi-media receiver loaded with Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto/ 13Band EQ

    Pioneer DMH-1500NEX Review

    If you have decided to upgrade your car receiver to a new double din stereo, you must have heard about the new Pioneer DMH 1500NEX. There are many reasons to look at this stereo it might be watching Youtube, doing hands-free calling, or listing to high-quality music in your car.

    Pioneer DMH-1500NEX can give you all the latest features and an impressive touchscreen display at a reasonable price. In this article, we talk about all the good stuff and bad stuff of DMH-1500NEX. We will also find what other things you will get after this double din stereo.

    DMH-1500NEX also supports the GPS Navigation system, however, it does not comes with a Navigation antenna. Those who don’t want to buy an external Navigation module can use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to view maps via Google Map, Waze, or Apple Maps. Siri Eyes Free is also compatible with the unit where you can make or receive calls or send a message without touching the display.


    Rating 4.7 (524)

    The DMH 1500NEX also supports WebLink which helps you to listen to music and watch videos on YouTube and many other and apps wireless via Wi-Fi.

    However, this unit lacks a CD/DVD player, but those who want this feature in their car should check this double din, with which you use CD/DVD and it has all the same features that 1500NEX provides at this price.

    Box Content

    The box consists of all the basic things that you needed to install it in your Car. It contains:

    • 7″ Multimedia Receiver
    • Wiring Harness for the installation
    • USB Cable extension having a size of 58 inch
    • 6 Pan Head Screw
    • 6 Countersunk Screw
    • Microphone with 13″ Cable having 2.5 mm Connector ends
    • User Manual with a Quick Start Guide
    • Warranty Card

    Design and Features

    This unit comes with a huge 7” LCD screen with which you can enjoy watching videos at a high quality. The touch is resistive, which helps to use the screen smoothly or without applying any pressure. There are five colors and a 112 key color option available to customize the button color, which is available at the bottom of the screen.

    You can even change the clock design and the brightness of the display for day and night. In short, the display is good for daily use. Video Format supported such as MPEG 1-2-4, WMV, AVI/DVIX are supported.

    Pioneer AVH 1500NEX

    The audio quality is super awesome due to its built-in amplifier, which has a power output of 200 watts max. You can also enjoy wireless music in Pandora and Spotify via built-in Bluetooth; even you can pair two phones at a time with Bluetooth. The audio quality is good and distributes evenly in the whole car due to built-in Auto EQ, another cool feature. Many Audio formats are supported, such as FLAC, MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV.

    There are 13 graphic equalizer settings are available in which two custom and five other options to choose preset such as Natural, Vocal, Flat, Bass, and Powerful. A time Alignment option is available, which helps to distribute audio evenly in the whole car.

    Hands-free calling is quite common in all the latest double din whether it might be expensive or cheap. But when it comes to calling while driving in the open vehicle, the call quality gets sucks. But thanks to Pioneer, they really focus on each and every point. Most of the verified customer says that their call quality is clear and sharp.

    Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

    As we already mentioned above, it does support Apple CarPlay and Android auto, but the thing we do not mention above is that this unit does not support wireless CarPlay. But if you have iPhone or Android, you can use all the features and apps and other kinds of stuff directly in the large touchscreen stereo just by connecting your phone with the receiver via USB cable and can take the advantage of CarPlay in your vehicle. Apps like Apple Maps, or Google Maps, Waze for viewing maps works without any problem.

    Although most of the head unit at this price does not have android auto or apple carplay, there is an option for you to stream music wirelessly via Pandora or Spotify with its built-in Bluetooth which can support up to two devices at a time.  Also, there is no default option for Mirror Link, but you can use it just by connecting your phone with the receiver through AV input via HDMI to RCA Converter and Lightning to AV Adapter.

    AVH 1500NEX specifications

    Compatible Accessories

    DMH-1500NEX is compatible with all types of vehicle accessories. Some of them are listed below:

    • iData-Link Maestro
    • Backup Camera
    • Dash Camera
    • Sirius-XM XAV 300 tuner
    • Steering Wheel Control
    • USB and RCA Cables
    • GPS Navigation Antenna and more.


    • Large 7” Touch Display
    • Resolution- WVGA (800 x 480) 
    • Size: 11 x 9.5 x 6 inches 
    • LED Backlight
    • 13 Band adjustable EQ
    • 50 x 4 watts power output
    • 14 watts RMS
    • Hands-Free profile
    • Direct USB Control for iPhone
    • Built-in Radio with 18 FM and 6 AM presets
    • 6 Channel preamp video output
    • Front USB input
    • FLAC supported
    • Dual Bluetooth Connection
    • ONE year Warranty
    • Easy Preset EQ
    • AUX input
    • HDMI input
    • Wired Remote connection
    • Subwoofer Control
    • JPEG Photo slider
    Pioneer_dmh_1500nex backside
    • Premium Looking Design gives glossy look to your vehicle
    • Hands-free Calling quality is great due to the good built-in quality microphone.
    • Bluetooth connects quickly also allows you to connect two phones at the same time
    • Apple CarPlay/Android Auto works with mostly all iPhone and Android phones
    • Spotify and Pandora work wirelessly
    • Voice control via Siri Eyes Free works without any lag
    • Remote Control is also given with this multi-media receiver
    • Does not support HD video quality
    • Menu get change automatically depending upon whether you are using CarPlay or playing music which is super annoying
    • No built-in HD Radio but it is compatible with Sirius XM
    • Weblink is quite slow
    • Wireless Apple Carplay/Android Auto not supported, work only with USB


    Here are some question which was asked by people related to this multi-media receiver.

    What is the pioneer web-link?

    Web-link is the pioneer official app in which users can take advantage of apps like You-Tube, Zomato, and other apps that are installed on your phone, but if you want to use it in your car head unit, you need to download a web-link app from the AppStore or Playstore.

    How do I play youtube videos in pioneer NEX?

    There are multiple ways to play YouTube videos, such as Apple Carplay, android auto, and web-link. To use these features, you need to connect your phone with the head unit or you use also Wi-Fi to wirelessly play YouTube with the Web-link

    How do I use android Android Auto/ Apple CarPlay in 1500NEX?

    To use carplay in your head unit, you first need to connect your android or iPhone with the receiver via USB cable and then click the Carplay option in your unit.

    How to get the DMH-1500nex installation manual?

    If you want a 1500nex installation manual, click here, and it will take you to the official pioneer website; then scroll down, and find the installation manual download option.

    Which is the best backup camera for Dmh-1500nex?

    The best backup camera for DMH-1500nex is Pioneer ND-BC8. This camera is suggested by Crutchfield which is expensive but you can expect good quality video output from it.

    How to update firmware for pioneer DMH-1500nex?

    For firmware update, click the home button, click the system option, and then scroll down then; you will find system information and simply click firmware info. Then you check if the firmware needs an update or not.

    How do you use Pioneer DMH-1500NEX?

    If you are new to the car stereo, it might be difficult for you to use it for the first time. But don’t worry, there are many tutorials on YouTube where you can find how to use a car stereo.

    Buying Guide

    Here is a list that you should check before buying this stereo receiver

    Who should buy this head unit?

    • This head unit is best for those who want a Large touchscreen Display in their vehicle
    • For those who want the latest features like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto
    • This double din receiver should also be best for those whose budget is not so high
    • And for those who want to use all the latest car accessories such as iDataLink Maestro, Dual Backup Camera, and more

    Who Should not buy this head Unit?

    Final Verdict

    Many customers do complain about their stereo that this function is not working or it gets stuck while calling or their backup camera does not work but the key thing they miss is the installation. Many of them do installation on their own and do the wrong wiring.

    That’s why I will highly recommend doing the installation yourself only if you have the proper knowledge about installation otherwise leave this work for the expert or technician.

    Pioneer DMH-1500NEX takes 10 seconds to fully boot up. The Bluetooth connection of this stereo is rock solid and the hands-free calling also works great. The drawback of this stereo is No HD video quality and No wireless CarPlay/ Mirror Link.

    Pioneer DMH-1500NEX can give you all the basic and advanced features at a price of 500 Dollars however, there are many other models available in the market that give all the features that 1500nex have, but those units’ price is comparatively high.

    Good built quality, proper audio distribution, CarPlay, and solid Bluetooth connection make this unit the best multi-media receiver from other units and make it the best consideration for the future upgrade.

    Rating 4.7 (524)

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